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The confines of Madison Square Garden have not been very welcoming to the Rangers as of late.

“My dad always said any business was a good business if you give great service, and that’s what I go by — and I have faith it’ll work.” If there is still a place on Broadway for a hole-in-the-wall barber shop, Follicle may stand a fighting chance of sticking around given Standlee’s proven perseverance and expressed commitment. “And her plants.” “It’s a unique place, makes it very comfortable. The Madrona resident started coming to Follicle back when his firm was housed just around the corner, he said, and has stayed a regular since after his office moved downtown.

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I’m referring to the gamesmanship, both public and private, of figuring out what the 2017/18 theatrical season will look like when it’s all said and done, on Broadway and off, and even regionally, since they are somewhat interdependent.

After all, of the nominees for best play and best musical at the Tony Awards this year, seven of the eight began at subsidised companies and moved to Broadway.

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