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Both its address and name are kept secret and those who would like to see Isaev, Russia’s top sexology expert, find out about the location of his St. For nine years, Isaev, a 60-year-old psychiatrist, led a five-member commission of doctors at St.Costs for the permits were kept at a relatively modest 10,000-15,000 rubles, or about 2-3, based on current exchange rates. It took 11 months for Isaev to find a location in St."Previous attacks have targeted transport infrastructure. Further attacks are likely, and could take place anywhere in Russia."Frank Brehany of Holiday Travel Watch said: "News of explosions on the St Petersburg metro will be sure to cause a heightened sense of angst amongst holidaymakers to this popular City.At this stage the Authorities are keeping an open mind about the probable cause and I have noted that the UK FCO's Travel Advisory page is currently silent on the issue.In 1900, the Russian Imperial capital was among the top ten largest and most wealthiest cities on the planet.Its economy was growing rapidly, attracting migrants from all across the Empire, as well as Europe.Having right data about your destination at hand can help you reduce expenses and save nerves.Here is the list of the most important facts about the life in St.

It’s just like the chapter «content» in a book, and don’t miss it as it’s a guide to our guide) The city can be reached by car, bus, train, plane and ferry. Petersburg with many Eastern European countries, and there is a high- speed rail connection between Helsinki and St. The city is a two-hour flight from Berlin and a three-hour flight from Paris. Most trains depart from Moskovsky railway station in St.They had hailed the closure of Isaev’s first commission, and would not likely tolerate the opening of a second.They do not appear aware that such a body now exists. Their campaign against Isaev started in 2014, a year after the passage of a federal law banning perceived “gay propaganda.” A self-styled gay “hunter” named Timur Bulatov (whose legal last name is coincidentally also Isaev) spearheaded the initiative.Pressure from groups describing themselves as defenders of Russia’s majority Orthodox Christian faith explains that reluctance.Such activists use public shaming campaigns to target supporters or suspected members of Russia’s LGBTQ community.

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