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This statement was based on a false premise and I told him in so many words during the meeting that the staff of the Embassy had with candidate Chávez the following day. I mentioned cultural initiatives and institutions that had been created by the different governments in the past 60 years.The first Service of National Folklore Research, for example, funded in 1946 by the poet and impresario Juan Liscano, who travelled around Venezuela recording more than a 1000 reels of tape of traditional music.

The entire family attends midnight mass and returns home to enjoy a meal to celebrate Christ's birth.

Hungry Venezuelans began rioting, and so Maduro handed the generals complete power over food.

The government now imports nearly all the country's food, and corruption drives prices sky-high, said Werner Gutierrez, agronomy professor at the University of Zulia.

The ideal thing for the culture of a country, in my opinion, is to have strong political backing of a non-political kind plus innovative entrepreneurship between business and artists.

That is the only way to please majorities and minorities, in the understanding that every citizen is entitled to choose what manifestations of culture he or she wishes to enjoy, create and engage in.

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