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If it is early 18th Century it may well be in walnut and if it is Georgian or later it is probably made out of mahogany. If they are made in pine the chest is probably of secondary quality whereas if they are of oak or mahogany it is of superior quality.Also look at the way the grain of the bottom board runs, if it is from front to back the chest is probably of early 18th Century construction, the grain running from side to side suggests a manufacture of post 1750.It would have been made from reclaimed timber so it’s possible that some of the timbers are very old indeed.The carcass and drawers are made from a ad hoc mixture of pine and oak.My post about this dresser could be about many things but I will focus on the drawer joints.First, the age of the piece: it’s maple, looks hand-made and it has pin and cove joints.

Most commonly, one or two handles or drawer pulls are attached to the front face of the drawer to facilitate pulling it out from its a box-shaped container that fits into a piece of furniture in such a way that it can be drawn out horizontally to reach its contents.Drawers are built into numerous types of furniture, including cabinets, chests of drawers (bureaus) and the like.In some cases, drawers may have another means by which to pull it, including holes cut in the front face or a hollowed-out area to insert the fingers on the bottom side of the front face of the drawer.Some drawers incorporate a locking mechanism to secure the drawer.

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