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In 1968 Raleigh Sturmey Archer sponsored just one rider Jan Le Grand the Dutchman who was a track star.He later was chief Mechanic for TI Raleigh and he also went on to build Presto frames.

Harris however, still convinced at the need for a hand building section separate from the main works, suggested Raleigh buy an existing company already engaged in this hand built market.So im looking to get my hands on a raleigh banana frame or complete bike that could be converted to single speed.My understanding is that there is the replica, heavier, more commercial replica version and a more genuine rarer frame with reynolds 531c tubing. If so, does anyone know if there are clear ways or telling which is which, especially when just looking at pictures.Unfortunately the number is usually coated with enamel.On some frames, where the paint is thin and the digits well stamped the frame number will be easily read.

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