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Chatroom: 3,739,220 total messages, 1,347 this week Private Messages: 4,107,393 total sent, 10,329 this week Nods: 616,441 sent, 717 this week Welcome to Biker Match (BM)! ) 7 years down the line now and we have 60,000 members, 2 million page views per month, over 1,000 events per year, millions of forum posts & chatroom messages plus around 3,000-5,000 people logging on and 100 new members joining every single day.

BM was started in the summer of 2006 after over 3 years of development as an offshoot from Bike, predominantly aimed at being a dating site. Matt is the site owner who designed BM from the ground up (as a hobby) and continues to maintain it with voluntary help from the moderators who are here to ensure forum etiquette, check profiles/photos are legit and to stop you (the members) from being spammed by malicious users.

However, over the years it has progressed into a more broader social site with members organising ride outs, meet ups, BBQs, international trips and we’re now in the 2nd year of our very own rally – started and organised by the BM Members – the K. The moderators can also help you with any site issues or queries, but please check the Help page first.

There are also voluntary events co-ordinators for most areas of the United Kingdom who are there to help you if you wish to set up an event/meet up/ride out.

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With today's world wide web it might be not so easy to choose the best biker dating site to hang on. This site is a biker community for single bikers who are looking to meet other biker singles.

Users: 77,991 (73% Male, 27% female) New users: 14 today, 127 this week, 538 this month Profiles: 55,020 total (Newest -CBG) Online now: 919 visitors, 105 members, 1 staff Biker Match staff: 19 Staff (12 Moderators, 12 Event Planners, 0 Others) Forum: 724,613 posts in 14,021 topics.Therefore, both parties have their needs catered for without any commitments being made.A substantial number of relationships fail due to unfaithfulness and infidelity.It is hosted by Internet Services Inc (Texas, Houston,) using nginx/0 web server.It has 2 DNS records,, and ns1.

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