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Bradenmcg , 31 March 2006 (UTC) crack was invented and promulagated in Los Angeles by a Crip named freeway ricky ross.

Most gang members make a living (so to speak) by selling crack, and the life of a gang-related drug dealer has become mythologized in popular culture since the beginnings of gangsta rap.

But don't profile or assume one race wearing one color means anything. Fremont is located at 7676 S San Pedro St, Los Angeles, CA 90003.( I've heard a few theories on how the name "Crip" came about... The second says the letters stand for something - "community, something, something", ... I've seen both theories in books and on television documentaries but I'm not sure which to start with. Also residents of the area were many people of asian descent, often immigrants or first-generation, and they were advised by police to travel in groups to avoid gang violence.Basically, if you've got a book about these street gangs please add a line or two until we can flesh it out. It stands for Clandestine Revolutionary International Party Soldier. Read Sanyika Shakur's (real name Kody Scott, aka Monster Kody)book Italic text Monster. It makes sense too, becuase the gang was formed around 1980, at the end of the reign of the Black Panthers, a similar organization pushing for the advancement of black people. A group of what would become the crips attacked a group of elderly asians, presumably for money, etc.The Grove Street Families (a.k.a "Families" or "GSF", "The Grove", or "Groves") is a gang featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.It is the protagonistic group in the game, as the game's main protagonist (Carl Johnson) is among its leaders.

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