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Hood of the car was perekorezhivshey, strewn around the shattered fragments thrown out headlights.

Sasha was the name (and still call) my second, so to speak NUMBER ONE that, pardon the expression.

It was my teacher, so to speak, dec suit, once again sorry for my english … I met him six months – it was the worst in half a year of my life, but I had forgotten and I remember just like a bad dream.

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  1. And now, just thinking of the drama brings a cheerful, happy feeling to my heart. The two little girls, Bang Joon-seo and Kim Yoo-bin were darling. Don't Want to sound like an hysterical fan girl but i have to admit that Choi Siwon Is The Most Handsome man i've ever seen in my life OMLady! Wish could have seen further down the road, like the wedding but the report Min-Woo did was good too. (^_^) I fell in love with this Drama, Especially Si Won and Chae Rim... i mean fans and media that dont accept some relationship between famous people and "inappropriate" people (by the eyes of those fans and media).