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According to People magazine, Sienna was born weighing 7 lbs., 13 oz.

“I Bet” (one of Ciara’s songs) Sienna is a beautiful baby girl!

Ledisi “the singer” was put on pause momentarily as Ledisi “the performer” showed up and showed off three quarters of the way through the show. Because when he starts acting up, you start walking…” The gems that dropped during the concert got deeper as Ledisi shared the three things she learned when she first came to New York many years ago to live out her dreams of being a singer, and found herself “sleeping on the floor.” She had our full attention as she shared her three life truths: 1. That is, until opening act Robert Glasper came back onstage to perform his song with Ledisi off his Grammy-winning album, “Gonna Be Alright (F. B.).” For her song “Pieces of Me” Ledisi came off the stage and into the crowd, all the while teasing her fans, “What? ” The songstress’ launched into a performance of “Alright,” a song that takes its title from the comforting assurances of her mother, said during trying times when she doubted would ever “make it.” In case you were wondering, it was more than alright.

release, may be her widest-ranging album yet, incorporating contemporary R&B, jazzy Soul balladry, straight-up dance music, inspirational pop and more. That’s the sound that led her mentor Stevie Wonder to proclaim “Maysa is WONDERful!

” In the wake of her first Grammy nomination and Soul Train Music Award, it seems that the world-at-large is finally recognizing just how special an artist Maysa is.

Ledisi shared that for her, “the ’Truth’ means not having to explain who you are… Be careful of who and what you allow in your personal circle, because not everyone deserves your presence.

It feels good, feels free.” We all went to that free and good place with Ledisi as she performed some of the songs that have earned her an ever-growing legion of fans throughout her 15-year career- “Higher Than This”, “Goin’ Thru Changes”, “Stay Together” (feat. After the “life lessons,” Ledisi delivered her eclectic musical stylings as only she can. Not only does Ledisi have a wealth of experiences, but she knows how to scat like you wouldn’t believe!

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I’m going to have patience and I’m going to be more specific in what I want and maybe explaining myself better for the things that I want out of the man.” Now fast forward to 2016, Bell and four other women are going to “relationship school” to learn about themselves and how to date — successfully — on FYI’s (title aside) because I too am facing some of the challenges of dating and falling in love in my thirties: Am I too successful? She’s not sure if she wants to commit to her distinguished yet unidentified beau “Bentley.” And she’s not yet 30, but I dare you to imply she’s not a grown-ass woman.

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