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One of my goals is to be accessible to anyone that reaches out to me.Another goal is to minimize the amount of time I spend on things that I either (a) don’t have an investment in, (b) won’t have an investment in, or (c) don’t have an interest in. This ebbs and flows – when I’m in balance I’m very happy; when I’m out of balance I’m still very happy, but notice that I’m out of balance.And it escalates in relevance from there (and morphs into all forms, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, meeting, run, …) Somewhere between 1% and 10% of these fit my a/b/c criteria above.I can figure this out from the first interaction at least 50% of the time and my first email response is (hopefully a polite) version of “no” that usually consumes a total of less than 30 seconds from beginning to end.We next focused on the art of saying “NO,” about being intentional in adding to your deliverables.And then, last week, we focused on your calendar and being intentional about how you use your time.We began the 2015 Tuesday Readings with a series of readings focused on being intentional.A week later, we focused on being intentional about developing new practices to strengthen our leadership.

sent from someone I know or recommended by someone I know) emails.One of the keys to this is to “say no in less than 60 seconds.” Given that my email address is easily discernable, I get a lot of random inbound “we are looking for money” and “do you want to have coffee” emails.These are easy to say no to, but I also get a lot of not-random “we are looking for money” (e.g.Dann schliess dich den unzähligen zufriedenen Usern auf Redtubes an und gönn dir so oft du magst XXX Movies ganz nach deinem Geschmack.Hol dir die Pornomovies kostenlos auf deinen Monitor nach Hause oder geniess die unzensierten Hardcore Pornos auf deinem Smartphone, i Phone, i Pad und anderem internetfähigem Gerät unterwegs wo und wann du willst für dein nächstes Ficktreffen.

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